Address: St Elmo Cottage, Lake Street, Dartmouth, Devon, Tq6 9ds

Telephone: +44 (0)7973 452669


Room 2 – Standard Double

Standard ensuite double bedroom for 2 persons


Room 2 – Standard ensuite Double Bedroom at St Elmo Cottage. This mid price double bedroom inclusive of 2 persons is similar in style and facilities, but a little smaller and without a private balcony. At St Elmo Cottage there is however a shared communal balcony which you are very welcome to use up until 9am. The view from the large window looks up towards Dartmouth’s central valley and offers lots of light and afternoon sun.

All accommodation at St Elmo Cottage is accessed from Lake Street. There are 12 steps leading up to the property, (similar to an average staircase leading to a first floor). Room 2 is located on the first floor of the property which is accessed by an external spiral staircase, this leads to a balcony overlooking the roof tops of Dartmouth. Your own private front door is accessed from the hall on this balcony.

As with all our Just B accommodation in Dartmouth this room is Room Only and offers Bed no Breakfast in Dartmouth. Enjoy the freedom of having your breakfast at any one of Dartmouth’s great Breakfast cafes – there’s lots to choose from. Most importantly you can enjoy breakfast wherever and at whatever time you like!


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